Bird Planet

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Birder extraordinaire Tim Laman is a superstar in one of photography’s most challenging pursuits, the quest to portray birds in the wild. A naturalist and explorer, he has spent thousands of hours wedged precariously in the tops of trees, often in remote jungles, in the hope that careful planning and good fortune will align to produce the perfect picture. His is a passion shared by all birders, carried to the level of art. In this beautiful volume, Laman shares his best images of spectacular birds on all the continents. One chapter features his signature achievement, which was to photograph all the known species of birds of paradise. This feat involved spending 18 months in New Guinea over a period of eight years. 

A Large 12" x 12" hardcover. T

Tim Laman contributes photography to National Geographic, and makes films for the Cornell School of Ornithology and the BBC.