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A young boy finds a baby crow abandoned, cold, and hungry. He takes him home, hoping to nurse him back to health. His grandpa disapproves.  He thinks that crows are pests and thieves! The boy knows that the crow he names Crowbar is capable of learning more than how to eat, caw, and fly. But can he prove it?  As Crowbar grows, the boy teaches him how to speak and Crowbar teaches the boy just how clever crows can be. With his innate intelligence, Crowbar will show he is smarter than anyone could imagine.  Hardcover for ages 4 to 8.

This funny and amazing story from renowned naturalist and Newbery Medal-winning author, Jean Craighead George, is based on a real-life crow. 

Her daughter, educator and librarian Twig George, and her son, ornithologist T. Luke George, have provided up-to-date research for this stunning picture book by their mother. They grew up with the173 birds and other animals their mother rescued and rehabilitated. The illustrations are by the author's long-time collaborator, Wendell Minor.