Expedition Backyard

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Join two best friends—a mole and vole—on their everyday expeditions to find beautiful plants, meet new animals, and learn more about the world all around them in this nonfiction graphic novel.

Each day, Mole and Vole venture out into the world with their nature journal to see what they can find in their own backyard. From pigeons and jumping spiders to swamp milkweed and maple trees, these two explorers get to know every part of their local environment. But after an accidental move from the country to the city, Mole and Vole worry that everything will be different. As they explore, they discover plants to look at and animals to meet in their new home as well.

The story of these two best friends shows that you can have nature adventures everywhere - no matter where you live. This book concludes with fun activities for kids to do at home.  This book is illustrated by cartoonist Binglin Hu. Hardcover for ages 4-8.