Learning the Birds: A Midlife Adventure

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"The thrill of quiet adventure. The constant hope of discovery. The reminder that the world is filled with wonder. When I bird, life is bigger, more vibrant."  In her own words, that is why Susan Fox Rogers is a birder. Learning the Birds is the story of how encounters with birds recharged her adventurous spirit.   

Readers join Rogers as she becomes a birder. We meet her birding companions close to home in New York State's Hudson Valley as well as in the desert of Arizona, and awash in the midnight sunlight of Alaska. Along on the journey are birders and estimable ornithologists of past generations—people like Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Florence Merriam Bailey—whose writings inspire Rogers's adventures and discoveries. A ready, knowledgeable, and humble friend and explorer, Rogers is eager to share what she sees and learns.  Susan Rogers is a Writer in Residence at Bard College. Hardcover.