Nature's Treasures: Tales of more than 100 extraordinary objects from nature

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The world is filled with curious objects made by plants, animals, and even by the Earth itself. Dive into this collection of more than 100 intriguing items from the natural world and discover the stories behind them.

Birds' eggs, a lump of coal, a glass sponge skeleton, a cacao pod, a mermaid's purse, a fossil human footprint, an ear of corn, a pine cone, an owl pellet, and a chrysalis--all tell a story. Learn how huge whales eat tiny animals by looking at their bristly teeth, how plants transport water and food by examining a delicate leaf skeleton, and what makes every snowflake unique by admiring their miniature, branching crystals of ice. Arranged by animal, vegetable, or mineral, objects are shown with truly stunning photography, colorful illustrations, and lively, informative text to help explain the science behind them.This book is for every inquisitive child who loves to spot objects when exploring outside and wants to know more about the wonderful and mysterious natural world. 

Hardcover with gilt-edge pages.

For ages 7 and up.