Wild Maps for Curious Minds: 100 New Ways To See the Natural World

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Explore the natural world in a different way with 100 fun and curiously captivating maps!

Which nations have launched animals into space? Where are the world’s cat people?

How many humans live in high-risk zones for natural disasters?

How far do you have to travel to hug all fifteen of the world’s oldest trees? Where in the world do snakes live—or better yet, where can you avoid them?!

Find the thought-provoking answers to these questions and many more in Wild Maps for Curious Minds. This infographic atlas of nature’s most impressive wonders and eye-popping oddities is filled with whimsical insight and startling revelations that will change the way you see the natural world and that celebrate our planet, and the plants and animals with whom we share it. 

Hardcover for readers 8 to adult.