Becoming A Good Creature

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Sy Montgomery writes, " School is not the only place to find a teacher."  Sy has had many teachers in her life. Some have had two legs, others had four, or even eight!  Some have had fur, feathers, or hooves.  But they’ve all had one thing in common: a lesson to share.

The animals Sy has met on her many world travels have taught her how to seek understanding in the most surprising ways, from being patient to finding forgiveness and respecting others. Gorillas, dogs, octopuses, tigers, and more all have shown Sy that there are no limits to the empathy and joy we can find in each other if only we take the time to connect.  Hardcover with adorable illustrations by Rebecca Green for ages 4-7.

Naturalist Sy Montgomery is an award-winning author of over twenty books for both adults and children.  She lives in Hancock, New Hampshire, with her husband and their border collie, Thurber.