Nature Smarts


From the educators at Mass Audubon, Nature Smarts Workbooks (for ages 4–6, 7–9, and 10-12) are packed with interactive learning activities that expand STEM knowledge to include nature literacy with an emphasis on teaching basic observational skills and introducing kids to the investigation method.

The worksheets follow the acclaimed nature curriculum developed by the environmental educators at Mass Audubon with colorfully illustrated games, puzzles, mazes, and on-the-page activities.

Proceeds from sales of the workbooks will provide financial aid to Mass Audubon summer programs for youth and families. 

NEW! Nature Smarts: All About Water (Ages 4–6)

Clouds, rain, puddles, ice, rivers, lakes, streams, fog, mist, and dew—water is all around us and it's one of the world's most important resources. In this special water-themed Nature Smarts Workbook, kids ages 4–6 learn all about how water connects every living thing. Available for pre-order; publishing May 2024.