Nature Smarts Workbook Ages 10-12

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Every kid can train to be a naturalist with this workbook from the acclaimed nature educators at Mass Audubon. Kids can build their skills in field biology, nature observation, and investigation while doing these fun activities. This workbook enhances schools’ nature literacy curriculum with more in-depth lessons on plants, invertebrates, birds, habitats, herptiles, and mammals. Every section also ends with an invitation to contribute data and observations to community science projects as part of the wider effort to better understand our world.

Perfect as a weekend enrichment activity, a workbook for the summer, and a take-along for a hike or road trip, middle schoolers guide themselves through this introduction to key STEM concepts, such as habitat adaptation, plant reproduction, invertebrate anatomy, and phenology. Through outdoor observation experiments like completing a field survey, dissecting a flower, or sketching birds, kids can study nature wherever they are. And on rainy days, the on-the-page activities let the fun and learning continue with puzzles such as a bird anatomy crossword and games like matching the mammal to their tracks. Hands-on and engaging, this addition to the Nature Smart series gives kids the tools to become amateur naturalists and citizen scientists, by encouraging real investigations of the natural world from any backyard or city park. Paperback. Expected in June.  Pre-order now!