Dance of Cranes

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Another suspenseful birding mystery by author and birdwatcher Steve Burrows! Burrows was born in the UK, raised in Canada, has lived in Hong Kong, and birded all over the world. He was awarded the "Nature Writer of the Year" by the BBC for his Birder Murder Mystery series.

In this volume, Inspector Domenic Jejeune returns to Southern Ontario, where he receives news that his brother, Damian, has gone missing in Wood Buffalo National Park, where he was conducting research on the migration of Whooping Cranes. Domenic immediately heads out to try to find him. The detective is also recently estranged from his girlfriend Lindy, and he soon learns that she is in trouble back in the UK.  Lindy has been kidnapped by his old foe, Ray Hayes. Jejeune's trusty sergeant, Danny Maik, tracks down Lindy, but there is far more to the situation than he thought. With Lindy in imminent danger, Maik makes a desperate rescue attempt. Find out what happens in this action-packed thriller. Paperback.