Flora & Fauna Mindfulness Solo Game

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This immersive set collection solo game is set in the Amazon rainforest. You aim to create as many canopy structures as possible before running out of cards. Each canopy structure consists of four layers of the rainforest and the incredible wildlife within! As you make your way across the rainforest by day, collect the species you need for your canopy structures. But keep an eye on where each species is, as each one will be harder to identify in the dark as you travel back to camp by night. Ages 12+, 1 player, and an average 20 minute gameplay.

Made with FSC paper and card, FSC wood and recycled materials. 

  • 96 species cards
  • 40 resource cards
  • 10 canopy structiure cards
  • 3 sprite tokens
  • 1 plot marker
  • 1 reserve marker
  • 1 player piece