From Schnitzel to Nockerln and Everything that Happened in Between

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In this entertaining memoir, author Joy Viola paints a tender tribute to her late husband Alfred and the many adventures they shared over their half-century together.  Both avid bird watchers and people with a passion for the natural world, the couple traversed all seven continents and enjoyed a rare view of the world’s most awe-inspiring creatures, from polar bears in the Arctic to elephants in Kenya. These intimate travel stories, all taken from Viola’s detailed diary entries, tell of the couple’s experiences in China, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, India, the Galapagos Islands, Canada, and Antarctica, and of the unique, beautiful, and often hilarious moments they had along the way.

In author Joy Viola's words, " I was married for over 56 years to a Viennese charmer and we traveled the world, led safaris and birded on all seven continents. I lost my husband to COVID-19, but I’ll never lose my stories. I have hiked, crawled, flown, traveled by horseback, zodiac, combi and tundra buggy to view and photograph the natural world. I’ve had a bananaquit in my lemonade, slept with a Motmot and been face to face with a polar bear. 

Whether for a birder or armchair traveler, this a great gift! Hardcover illustrated with photographs.