Metalbird Red Bellied Woodpecker

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A beautiful piece of art for the outdoors--stick it in a tree or fence.  Crafted  with 1/8-inch CorTen steel. This steel will form a protective patina that strengthens with the seasons. The patina will deepen in shade over the years until it reaches a deep brown/charcoal black hue. What might initially resemble generic rust is simply the air and water-tight patina forming over a six- month period, so don’t panic! Your Metalbird is doing exactly what it’s been designed to do, and this patina will protect the steel from any further damage and disintegration.

CorTen steel does not require any treatments, oils or chemical additives and is therefore extremely environmentally friendly

  • 11.4 inches high by 4.9 inches wide (excluding the branch/stake)
  • Approximately 8 oz
  • Made in the USA