My Tiny Life by Ruby T. Hummingbird

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He's tiny, but mighty! A ruby throated hummingbird tells his own life story in this funny, bright, informative book. 

May 15: Today I poked my way out of this tiny egg.

With Mom feeding him insects and nectar, Ruby T. Hummingbird is soon able to beat his wings and fly—up, down, backward, and forward—and forage for himself. But don’t be fooled! This elegant creature can turn into a fierce fighter if another hummingbird tries to feed on his flower—or his hummingbird feeder. 

Children can explore the life of this bird through the diary entries and the beautiful, bright illustrations.  The book includes a glossary and further information in the back of the book.  Both art and text have been vetted for accuracy by an expert. A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection.  Hardcover for readers ages 4 to 8.