The Hummingbirds' Gift: Wonder, Beauty, and Renewal on Wings

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As one of the most beautiful and intriguing birds found in nature, hummingbirds fascinate people around the world. The lightest birds in the sky, hummingbirds are capable of incredible feats, such as flying backwards, diving at speeds of sixty-one miles per hour, and beating their wings more than sixty times a second. These miraculous creatures are also incredibly vulnerable when they first emerge from their eggs.

In this book, naturalist and award-winning author, Sy Montgomery, celebrates both the birds and the extraordinary care that rehabilitator Brenda Sherburn gives to abandoned baby hummingbirds. Brenda nurses them back to health until they can fly away and live in the wild.  y shows us just how truly amazing hummingbirds are. This beautifully written and inspiring little book is the perfect gift for nature lovers and bird watchers everywhere. This hardcover is illustrated with sixteen pages of color photographs.