100 Plants to Feed the Monarch: Create a Healthy Habitat to Sustain North America's Most Beloved Butterfly

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This practical, inspiring guide shows how you can create a monarch-friendly landscape using plants that feed and sustain the butterfly through the different stages of its life.

You will learn all about the beautiful monarch butterfly- its life cycle, its remarkable relationship with milkweed, its extraordinary migration, and the threats it now faces due to habitat loss and climate change.  You'll find at-a-glance profiles of the plant species that provide monarchs with nourishment. The plants, which are all commercially available, range from dozens of species of milkweed—the only food of monarch caterpillars-to numerous flowering plants, shrubs, and trees that provide nectar for the adult butterfly.  Also included are plants that bloom in late season that will sustain monarchs in their great migration. Gorgeous photographs of monarchs and plants, plus illustrations, maps, and garden plans, make this a visually engaging guide.  Paperback.