Lonely Planet Bird Atlas

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Stretch your wings for an epic journey around the globe and discover the incredible birds that share our planet. Use the handy maps and diagrams to understand more about each bird's natural habitat and track impressive migration routes. Learn about spectacular courtship displays, nest-building techniques and the environmental changes that threaten birds’ way of life. This is the ultimate book for children who are wild about birds. Hardcover for bird lovers ages 8 and up.

• Packed with original artwork, beautiful illustrations, and stunning photography. 

• Detailed and insightful maps and diagrams.

• Fun lift-the-flap and actual-size elements.

• Features popular and lesser-known birds including eagles, falcons, ostriches, penguins,    hummingbirds, birds of paradise, seabirds, garden birds,    flightless birds, aquatic birds and more.

• Covers regions: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Arctic & Antarctica.