Groundhog Day!

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Will the groundhog see a shadow? Will spring come early or late? But most importantly, what does a groundhog have to do with the weather?

Every year on February 2nd, people all across America watch groundhogs come out of their burrows and try to figure out if the weather will stay cold, or begin to warm up.

Celebrated children's author, Gail Gibbons, delves into the history behind this unusual holiday, and examines the ancient traditions that evolved into our modern holiday. With her signature combination of simple, clear text and bright illustrations, Gibbons introduces everything you need to know about groundhogs- what they eat, where they live, and how they raise their young.  The book includes an overview of  the different Groundhog Day traditions around the country, as well as  groundhog trivia.  A perfect introduction to this unique celebration!