My Happy Year by E. Bluebird

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“May 1: Today is my birthday.” So begins the wondrous first year of E. Bluebird.

In hilarious, dated journal entries, readers are treated to the intimate details of an Eastern Bluebird’s life. “May 8: Eating all these bugs makes me poop. My mom takes my poop sack out of the nest. Good thing.” Over the summer she grows in new feathers, watches her siblings leave the nest, and learns to bravely take flight herself—migrating over the winter, and returning to start a family of her own the next year.

Paul Meisel’s beautiful, kid-friendly art has been vetted for accuracy by two experts, and more information about Eastern Bluebirds, including a glossary and links for further reading, can be found on the illustrated endpapers.

Paperback for ages 4-8.